You have the potential for success. Let me help you find the power and unleash it. 


As an award winning sales and business development powerhouse, I bring 20+ years of leadership experience in media, promotions and tech in both corporate and start-up environments, and now specialize in the financial services space. 


I have worked closely with clients across a broad range of industries that include both Global Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.

As a proven business strategist, financial mentor and skilled problem solver, I can confidently sift through the clutter to catalyze a clear, effective strategy, and help my clients solve their largest, most pressing challenges.

It’s my ongoing work as a financial mentor and coach, helping others identify what’s truly preventing them from finding success, and teaching them how to face the fear with self-empowerment, where I've found my true niche and life’s calling.

I am a self-proclaimed "Tiger Daughter”, raised to be strong, driven and self-motivated in my quest for personal and business achievement. I strive to support and advise clients with authenticity, encouragement, and a dollop of tough love. 


I’ve got your back and will tell you what you need to hear. You deserve honesty. It's integral to your success.


A single mother of two beautiful children who bring me immeasurable joy in this world, I understand the highs and lows of life and appreciate the privilege of learning from failure versus regret.  I have the strength to get up and move forward again, and truly understand the blessing of a little luck.


Christine Sarno

Los Angeles, CA