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You have the potential for financial success and serenity. Let me help you find the power and unleash it. 


As an award winning sales and business development powerhouse, I bring 20+ years of leadership experience in media, promotions and tech in both corporate and start-up environments to my passion in the financial services space to support other women. 


I have worked closely with clients across a broad range of industries that include both Global Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies as a proven business strategist and skilled problem solver.


It’s my ongoing work as a financial mentor and coach, helping my clients with what’s truly preventing them from creating wealth, and teaching them how to implement financial strategies so that they can feel empowered about their financial future, where I've found my true niche and life’s calling.


As your Financial Wingwoman, I can help you confidently sift through the clutter to catalyze a clear, effective plan, and guide you through your most pressing financial challenges, especially the ones that keep you up at night.

Raised by a Chinese single mom, I am a self-proclaimed "Tiger Daughter”, where I learned strength and independence as a woman who desired the ability and flexibility to CHOOSE in life, whether personally or professionally.  These skills help me support and advise my clients with authenticity, encouragement, and a dollop of tough love. 


I’ve got your back and will tell you what you need to hear. You deserve honesty and Wingwoman accountability. It's integral to your success.


I am also a single mother of two beautiful children who bring me immeasurable joy in this world.  I have personally experienced and understand the financial highs and lows of life and appreciate the privilege of learning from failure versus regret.  Trust me, I've been there myself and have created a financial ecosystem that allows me to live life on my terms.

It's never too early OR too late to get started on a positive journey of financial growth and serenity for your future.

Let's connect if you're interested in learning how we can work together.   You don't have to do it alone.


Joy and Luck my beautiful friend,



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