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Struggling with your relationship with money?

Money is a topic that can bring up a lot of emotions, and for good reason. Our relationship with money is often shaped by our past experiences, particularly our early upbringing and with the people closest to us. But what happens when our beliefs about money become so negative that they hold us back from achieving financial success? For many of us, when we believe that money is bad, we have experienced emotional traumas around it. My earliest memories and foundational relationship with money started around the age you see of me in this photo. Most of them were negative, although I didn't realize it at the time. It wasn't until my early twenties that I understood the control, power struggle, abuse, and shame around finances growing up in my household became a framework of my world view on money. As my mother navigated an abusive marriage, I learned that without it, you were not safe. You would be trapped in an unhealthy, toxic environment and you would not have a voice. With my father's addiction to alcohol, it was either feast or famine with money in terms of how much was available for basic cost of living expenses. And even during the few years that we lived an affluent lifestyle overseas on his ex-patriot corporate income, he would often drunkenly berate the rich behind closed doors, scolding us that the wealthy were terrible people and to never aspire to this level of financial excess. Dishonesty and disrespect, anger and betrayal, and ongoing anxiety and stress were attached to my understanding of money as I watched my parents argue constantly about finances in a volatile relationship. Money was both the savior and hell, and there was never any peace or joy around it. As an adult, it has become a lifelong personal journey of my own to heal my relationship with money and develop a positive connection with it, which has allowed me to flourish and experience ease, flow, and growth in my own financial life and create wealth today. If you're dealing with your own challenges with finances, please know that I understand, and I'm here for you. Financial success is not just about money management and investment strategies my love. It goes way deeper than the financial plan and tactics we will cover in my platform. For many of us, there's healing that needs to be done, and this is an area of financial coaching that I work on with you. If you're interested in learning more about personalized coaching with me to support you in a comprehensive, non-judgmental, and safe environment, click the button below to chat.

You deserve to feel good and in harmony with a tool that is meant to help you live the life that brings you joy. Joy and Luck, Christine

If you know someone who could use support during this time of economic uncertainty, please forward this blog post and encourage them to book a call. NO ONE should have to figure it out alone. Let's do this together for a stronger 2023. ❤️

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