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  • Christine Sarno

Best Way to the Head of the Table? Side Route

How to get to the head of the table.

One of the most powerful women within my network is a petite and soft spoken colleague with the class of a geisha and the entrepreneurial agility of a ninja.

When most in her bracket are revving towards retirement, she's perched in her eagle’s nest of success; both to admire the view and to call the shots.

She leverages her tenure, experience, and clout to support the hustlers and dreamers who really distinguish themselves within her enterprise.

She always knows where her team is at, what they’re doing, and when it’s best to lock and load for peak performance. If you’re an outsider trying to make it in, she'll strategize with you, not against you - mindful to intro you to key team members at an optimal opportunity.

If she favors you, she'll be your strongest advocate and tirelessly campaign for your success. If you're fortunate enough to have made it to her A-list, she'll extend her counsel and make the intros necessary to support your ascent.

Here’s how she got there: She was raised up by those she helped out.

Throughout her career, when she could, she'd lend a hand, be kind, extend support, and it always came back to her. Every. Single. Time. Her colleagues campaigned for her.

When everyone woven into the fabric of your business has positive engagements with you, especially when you choose to acknowledge, respect, help or support them without the expectation of something in return, you'll earn their loyalty and your karma reserves will grow.

And when there's an opportunity for you to rise, that support will be returned. Not always on schedule, not always immediately, but it'll come back to you and propel you forward.

Those whom you have touched along the way will want you to succeed, because while you may not realize it, you're admired and have inspired.

By the way, this powerful ninja geisha? Yeah, she happens to be an executive assistant.

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