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  • Christine Sarno

The Universe is Not in the Business of Handouts

Raised by a Catholic father and Buddhist mother, I’m a hybrid of opposites: a candid, hustling, ambitious New Yorker; and a yoga loving, meditating, spiritual Angeleno.

I subscribe to the ‘Law of Attraction’, made popular by the book and movie The Secret, but said subscription is not free.

For those who may not be familiar, the Law of Attraction is defined as our ability to magnetize what we desire from the Universe by simply focusing on the feelings we’d have as if we’ve already received said desire; “Like attracts like.”

While I celebrate spiritual evolution, I’m noticing a growing disconnect. Somewhere along the way, in the quest to drive an extraordinary life of personal fulfillment, career success, peace, harmony, balance, AND financial freedom, many of us have forgotten we still have to put in the EFFORT to achieve these goals.

You’re not going to manifest abundance if you’re doing the bare minimum. If you’re complacent to make just enough to pay the bills month to month, if you clock in late or leave early, if you decide you’re OK with achieving life’s bare minimum goals, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

The effort required to shift your life is a PASSIONATE FIRESTORM OF ACTION.

Let me give you an example of what a firestorm IS NOT:

I have a colleague who has been extremely frustrated with his job in a toxic work environment for the last three years. Senior leadership does not appreciate his efforts, in spite of the fact he has been a significant contributor to the bottom line. Consequently, along with the organization’s struggles in an increasingly competitive marketplace, his base salary was cut in half and he was informed that the new questionable commission structure should be enough of an incentive for him to stay motivated.

He has communicated his desire to find a new amazing job on several occasions to me. When I last connected with him about a month after the decrease in his compensation, he had only reached out to three recruiters, had not yet updated his resume or LinkedIn profile, nor had he called any other business contacts to network in an effective way.

No new amazing job. No big surprise.

The Universe is abundant. YES.

The Universe will provide. YES.

The Universe will give you a hand-out. BIG NO.

If you believe in the Law of Attraction, then you know that the energy that we put out is returned to us in equal measure. Add passion and inspired action to that equation, and you will see how much faster and more powerfully your goals will manifest.

And for those of you who believe that everyone and everything else is responsible for your fate, then let’s course correct. Stop whining and take responsibility. YOU have the control, and the Universe DOES NOT OWE YOU.

My corporate colleague had every opportunity to passionately invest in himself to find the next amazing job. Instead of using his energy to communicate from a place of commitment, optimism, and purpose, he invests a lot of passion and energy into communicating his frustration.

The Universe has chosen to keep him exactly where he is because his pessimism has fortified his fate. That next great gig? Unfortunately, it’s not going to come banging down his door anytime soon.

Align your actions with your desires and give it everything you’ve got. If you truly want success, go for it like you have no other choice.

Want abundance in life? Grab the Universe by the jewels my friends, and let it know who’s boss.

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